Equestrian Student at TCF in Canton GA Top-Notch Personalized Equestrian Training

One size doesn't fit all when it comes to horses or equestrian training, which is why we'll personalize your service to suit your unique needs in a stress-free environment. With our full-service boarding and training packages, we'll ensure that you and your horse are equipped with all the necessary knowledge, skills, and resources to perform at your full potential come showtime.

Customized Horse Show Preparation

Hunter / Jumper & Equitation

If you've been looking for a place that offers personalized training to help you prepare for horse shows, you've come to the right place. TCF has everything you need to succeed at your next show: state-of-the-art facilities, top-tier training, and a serene environment where you can focus on your goals.

"I cannot begin to describe how much I have learned and grown in my short time here so far. Top quality care and training."

-Jennifer O..

Meet Our Trainer

April Aryan, Owner & Trainer
Owner / Trainer

April Aryan, the owner and trainer, learned from the best resources in the industry. April's expertise, for both horse and rider, is unparalleled in the local area.

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Behind every ribbon is the support staff that encourages the best in horse and rider.

Training for Every Skill Level

Training riders of all ages isn't just our job -- it's our passion.

We know how intimidating riding for the first time can be. That's why our team puts in the time and effort to make sure you're comfortable every step of the way. You can consider us your horse training headquarters in Canton. We've got years of experience and a passion for training future riders!

Board and Train

Research shows that handling, riding, and caring for a horse helps develop a host of positive traits in children -- including responsibility, patience, and even self-esteem. From developing empathetic communication skills to setting realistic goals, we help our students work toward equestrian growth every step of the way.

With a hands-on approach, full-service boarding & wellness packages available, and a robust network of experts and resources, TCF will prepare you for your next show and keep your horse happy and healthy.

Stress-Free Calm Training Environment

Horses react best to learning in a calm environment. They quickly learn that we encourage wanted behaviors through positive reinforcement. We train our eager students in a relaxing environment, giving them the perfect setting to become the elite competitors they're striving to be.

We believe that creating a calm environment where you can clear your head and focus on your goals is crucial to bringing out the best in both you and your horse.

If you're an advanced rider looking to refine your skills, you'll get the guidance you need from our team of experts.


"I started riding summer of 2020 with Kara and immediately knew she was the perfect trainer for me! She is patient and kind, but firm and purposeful in her teaching"

Elena F.

Riding Lessons & Training Client