At TCF, we’re much more than a boarding facility -- we’re a tight-knit community, an educational resource, and a home away from home for animals and their caretakers.

We offer full-service boarding/training and wellness packages, private turnouts with grass, two dry lots if needed, multiple training packages, and vast resources. We are passionate about sharing our wealth of knowledge by training and boarding. Everything we do is customized to both horse and rider.

"If you are looking for a place to board your horse and work with a trainer who cares and has experience, look no further. April, Elvis, Jen and Kara are all experienced horse people who will treat you and your horse like family."

-Elena F.

Boarding Amenities

When boarding with us, your horse's health is our top priority. That's why we include the many amenities we offer.

  • Steamed Hay (Haygain)
  • Emergency Horse First Aid Kit
  • 4 Star Four Horse Head To Head Trailer On-Site
  • Interactive Toys To Keep Horses Entertained While Stalled
  • Slow Feeder Hay Nets In Each Stall
  • Equine Big Ass Fans
  • Stall Doors Low Enough For A Small Pony To View Out Of
  • FutureTrack Arena Footing & Irrigation
  • LED Lit Arena
  • Memory Foam Stall Mats
  • Personalized Feeding For Every Horse
  • 12x12 Stalls
  • Fly Mist System Throughout Barn
  • Climate Controlled Tack Rooms
  • Clean Towels & Saddle Pads Provided
  • Kraft Equine Treadmill
  • Laundry Included

When you board your horse at TCF, you can rest easy knowing we have the tools needed for you and your horse.

Wellness Packages

We offer two different all-inclusive boarding & wellness packages that make use of the latest top-of-the-line
products to keep its horses in peak condition all year round.

Gold Care

Monthly Care Package Includes:

3 Treatments Weekly using 2021 Complete Bemer Set or 2021 Brandenburg Complete Equine Set
Blankets and Leg Wraps

Trailer ins are welcome

Platinum Care

Monthly Care Package Includes:

5 Treatments Weekly Using 2021 Complete Bemer Set or 2021 Brandenburg Complete Equine Set
Blankets and Leg Wraps

2 Laser Treatments Weekly Using 2021 Multi Radiance Cold Laser MR4 ACTIVet PRO LaserShower or MR4 ACTIVet Pro
Only FEI Approved Laser

Trailer ins are welcome


"The barn is pristine. I live far away and never have to worry about his care. He is fed top of the line feed including beet pulp. He gets turned out to large green pastures year round. Stalls are clean with special mats and shavings to maintain good footing. In addition the ring has cotton fiber footing to help keep the horses legs and feet healthy. "

Dr. Iris P.

Training and Boarding Client